REA's Prep for CLEP®

Save time and tuition while earning the college credit you deserve.

What is CLEP®?

CLEP® is the most popular credit-by-examination program in the country, accepted by more than 2,900 colleges and universities. Each exam you pass earns you from 3-12 credits, saving you hundreds of hours of classroom time and thousands of dollars in college tuition with each CLEP® exam you pass. Millions of students have used this program to achieve their educational and career goals.

CLEP® and the Military

CLEP® exams are free to members of the military and are a fast and cost-effective way for military service members to earn a college degree.

You May be Ready to Pass the CLEP® Today!

See how much you already know about a subject. Our online CLEP® Testing Packages include a diagnostic test and two full-length practice exams with the most powerful scoring analysis and diagnostic tools available today.

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REA's Study System for CLEP®

Here's how it works

Our study system for CLEP® allows you to create a personalized study plan through three simple steps:

1. Test Yourself & Get Feedback

Score reports from our online diagnostic give you a fast way to pinpoint what you already know and where you need to spend more time studying.

2. Review with the Book

Armed with your score reports, you can personalize your study plan by focusing on the topics that give you the most difficulty.

3. Improve Your Score.

After you've finished reviewing with the book, test what you've learned with our online practice exams. Your score reports will let you know if you've mastered the material, or need further review to ensure that you're ready for exam day.

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