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1 Review the Book

Study the topics tested on the AP® exam and learn proven strategies that will help you tackle any question you may see on test day.

We know how to get a high score on the AP® exam: content mastery and test-taking strategy. That’s why, throughout the All Access book, you’ll find tips and strategies for navigating the exam presented alongside the topics you’ll need to know.

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2 Test Yourself

As you review, test yourself. Our free online tests and score reports show you what you know and where you can improve.

The AP® exam covers a lot of material, and to do your best, you need to focus your studying. The quizzes, mini-tests, and full-length practice exam included in the Study Center give you a topic-level score report showing you exactly where to spend more time reviewing.

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Use our e-flashcards to study the topics where you are weak and track your progress as you review.

We’ve taken flashcards and made them more powerful and more personalized. You can create your own cards, track your progress, and focus your study on the topics you need to review. And, because they are in the REA Study Center, you can access them from any PC, tablet, or smartphone.

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